Teaching in a Dangerous Time

(Sung to the tune of Bruce Cockburn) As teachers, we face constant disruptions and annoyances. While we no longer deal with the usual annoyances, the huge disruption caused by this global pandemic is unlike anything that we have ever seen. As of this writing, nearly 190 countries have closed schools and we have no clueContinue reading “Teaching in a Dangerous Time”

Digital Literacy: Keeping Us Sane in Insane Times

So here we are – a time that I have never seen or even thought would be possible in my lifetime. I have been in my home, leaving only to get groceries for myself, my mother, and my grandfather, for the last five days. I have cleaned every single room in my house (I amContinue reading “Digital Literacy: Keeping Us Sane in Insane Times”

Digital Identity – Who Are You…

The concept of digital identity is something that piques my interest on a couple different levels. First of all, I am always so worried about what people who search my name will find (not telling you what makes me worried though….) I googled myself this past week after doing the cybersleuthing activity and I wasContinue reading “Digital Identity – Who Are You…”

Empowered Technology Use – Choice is Key

After reading the nine elements, I really started thinking about how tough it can be sometimes. Even in my own experience, I have seen both students and teachers be really hesitant to even approach the use of digital media in the classroom. I thought that at this point in the semester, I would have completelyContinue reading “Empowered Technology Use – Choice is Key”

Graduating in the 21st Century

This weeks focus of the generational differences and the myths that go with them is something that we could probably talk about for more classes than we will. The whole generational difference thing (especially the criticism) is a tale as old as time. I am certainly a quote person, so I gathered a few… AndContinue reading “Graduating in the 21st Century”

Teaching in the Digital Classroom

Being a connected educator, I often get so wrapped up in thinking about ways that I can incorporate technology into my classes. As a high school teacher, I sometimes think that students are able to figure out a lot on their own. I am definitely guilty for assuming that I can just tell my studentsContinue reading “Teaching in the Digital Classroom”

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