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A new assignment, a new opportunity

I did not have to spend a lot of time figuring out what I was going to be doing for my course development. I always am looking for ways to help my students become better citizens of our world. This is a perfect opportunity

The thing is, I already truly believe that technology offers so many opportunities for young people, as long as they can learn to navigate the crappy parts of it (I don’t want to name anything specific here for fear of being divisive).

Regardless, I think that when we combine the idea of making the world a better place with technology that can easily spread a message, we have the potential to make a really big difference. My idea for development here is to take my grade 9 ELA class and develop an inquiry unit based around social justice. I think this is a good approach as it allows students to attack the inequalities that they see around them. It includes writing a letter (or e-mail, or blog, etc.), creating a multimedia presentation (or video doc, etc.) and a non-traditional artifact (something they want to do) in order to share the knowledge that they discover.

You can find the course profile here. I am excited to develop more about this.


One thought on “A new assignment, a new opportunity

  1. Completely agree – I always say there is a time and place for technology in our day to day lives when we can make if an effective tool. Looking forward to seeing your course in the next few classes.


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