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Some quality feedback

I loved this task… it really goes to show how great it can be to have peers review your work and offer some tips and tricks and suggestions. But also, it gives me the opportunity to take what other people did and use some stuff for my own course. In fact, I feel like I didn’t think about this before, but I definitely want to do something similar to this task in my mini unit that I am developing. Why not have my students offer feedback for each other?

I sort of already had a vision with what I want to do, and I want to acknowledge my own personal starting point advantage that I have in the fact that I can simply build this right into my own current course without having to learn a new system. I admire all my peers that are starting from scratch, building a new unit within an LMS that is also new to them. It will definitely create an amazing situation for growth, which, at the end of the day, is what we are all here for.

The feedback I received was all very helpful – I like to know especially if it is easy to use or not, and whether or not there will be some foresight into any potential issues that students would have. From what I gather, it all looks pretty easy to follow (I think my previous experience using Moodle with my classes has helped me sort of troubleshoot this ahead of time). But there is one thing that definitely lingers in my head…

Some of the feedback that came up was how does my course address students that may not have access to technology from home, or do not have a stable internet connection, or maybe do not use technology, etc. Aye! There’s the rub…

Long story short: It really doesn’t…

Now the next part is to decide how I want to move forward. In my head, my immediate answer is to just not really care too much. Because of the way this course is built, it shouldn’t be too hard to turn all of the tasks into paper copies. So if they need, they can do the work on paper if they want (isn’t it great to be able to offer choice?) In terms of the research aspect of the unit, the internet and online databases make it much easier to do the assignment, but there is still the old fashioned way: the library. For this specific topic, that asks students to address modern social issues, it may be harder to find books in a library to address it, but I’m sure we can find ways around it.

But there is a bigger issue. I have built online discussions in the course (including Jamboard and Forums), and those might make for a difficult go. These discussions are all sort of based around the starting point of the task where students brainstorm and get ideas, and not being a part of those might be tougher for students that can’t be access the course. It is definitely something for me to think about.

So while I did say my immediate thought is to not care, a little deeper thinking does show that this could potentially be an issue…

All in all, I am happy with where I am at right now, and looking forward to finishing this unit up.

Everyone else’s courses look great, by the way!


2 thoughts on “Some quality feedback

  1. Great Idea to have your students peer review!
    I find my students acknowledge compliments and feedback more when it comes from a peer than a teacher!
    The access to technology and interent will always be a challlenge… Just have to make adapations as you go!
    I haven’t take a look at your course yet, but I’ll have to soon! 🙂


  2. Hi Rob,

    I totally see what you are saying with group discussions using jamboard and forurms. It would work great if everyone works synchronously, but almost a distant dream to get everybody together. Perhaps a timeframe on the response jamboard or forum before class would be helpful to aid in a discussion, but still tricky.

    Thanks for sharing for response to your feedback. Looking to see more for your learning module #2.


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