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At the end of the day you’re another day older…

and another day better when it comes to blended learning!

cue “Les Miserables” music

I am now finished my summary of learning. It can be found here. It is actually just a little bit too long, so I totally don’t blame you if you don’t want to watch it. See the bullet points below:

  1. I have been teaching in a blended classroom long enough to get jaded about blended learning (especially after COVID-19)
  2. I needed this class more than anything to remind myself about how amazing an open mind can be
  3. I definitely had some instances where I was down on a few things (my #1 example is Jamboard)
  4. I found creating my course prototype to be the perfect medicine for this sour attitude of mine
  5. At the end of this class, I feel rejuvenated. I feel excited. I feel like I needed the reminder of why I enjoy teaching in a blended classroom to begin with

That basically sums it all up. Deep down, I love the opportunity that my division has given me to teach in a blended classroom with devices for all my students. But I think that there have been a lot of moments in the last 5 years that have sort of gotten me to be critical of a lot of aspects of theory vs. practice in a blended classroom. This was exacerbated by the reality of teaching through the pandemic and the rules and restrictions placed on teachers during the virtual period. All in all, this course reminded me of the things that I can do in my own classroom with my students. It took me back to a feeling that I had when I first started in my blended classroom.

Thank you to everyone in EC&I 834. Good luck to all!

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4 thoughts on “At the end of the day you’re another day older…

  1. Hi Rob,
    Thank you for the honest reflection on your learning! This class has been refreshing to me as a teacher, too. We do get stuck in our ways as teachers. I think you have made tremendous growth in your thinking about teaching and the tools you are open to using. Well done! I appreciated your thoughts this semester. It was a great learning from you.


  2. Hi Rob! I really liked you were displayed in the background of your prezi! Really connecting to see you as a person while hearing your reflection and summary! Cool concept and I loved your key connections to the course!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I enjoyed watching you SoL last night. Prezi video seems like a great tool to use. Speaking of tools, I enjoyed your tool comparison last night… thanks for a thought-provoking SoL! Well done!!


  4. The summarywas fantastic! I appreciated your honesty and story. It is great that you found yourself enjoying the tools in your toolbox by the end of the journey. It sounded like you were feeling a bit burned out by the last couple of years but have been refreshed by your experiences in ECI 834.


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