Digital Identity – Who Are You…

The concept of digital identity is something that piques my interest on a couple different levels. First of all, I am always so worried about what people who search my name will find (not telling you what makes me worried though….) I googled myself this past week after doing the cybersleuthing activity and I was pleased to know that I found very little. And I am definitely still that person who thinks that I want to keep a low-key digital profile. On the other hand, I am starting to realize that our world is evolving and this is certainly a next step in our evolution. This is what interests me so much – that idea that I don’t care about my digital identity, yet I’m beginning to see the importance of it.

I was always one of those people that looked at social media profiles and was looking for the phony aspect of people. This idea of how different people are online versus who they are in person. I’m starting to realize, however, that these phony profiles are just as prominent in real life than they are in the digital world. For me this is my newest understanding. The idea that authenticity might be a word without meaning.

In other words, I think that authenticity in person is just as flawed as authenticity online. Identity is a process in which we discover ourselves, and our identity will keep shifting as our lives and our contexts shift. Technology is not a fad. It will continue to be here for years to come. Navigating the intersection of our real life and our digital lives can be confusing; I’m still figuring it out, and I think that gives me some good knowledge to share with my students. Even though I don’t necessarily want a huge digital identity right now doesn’t mean I need to be afraid of it.

3 thoughts on “Digital Identity – Who Are You…

  1. Great post! I like how you talk about identity and authenticity. I have found that there are a few people that I know that seem to have their lives in order online, but when you engage with them offline they are struggling or just the opposite of what their online persona puts forth. Do you think that digital identities could spark some mid-life crisis?


    1. I think that it is just as likely to spark a mid-life crisis as a real-world identity. I think it’s important to understand that identity is in a state of constant flux and there are different ways that we show our identity. What I notice is that digital formats often seem to get slammed for being “fake” and not really what those people are like. But maybe it’s their offline personality that is fake. I also know the exact person that you are talking about, the struggling offline identity with the life in order online – however, I think for some people, a put-together digital identity is a huge step in keeping their offline identity in order.

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